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When people make sports bets and wait for the outcome of the game, it gives them both pleasure and a burst of adrenaline, as the outcome of the game is unknown and absolutely unpredictable. Sports betting is risky and interesting. Nevertheless, many people are ready to take risk, apply to bookmaking offices, forecast the outcome of sporting events and place bets. In Russia, sports betting is legal and has nothing to do with gambling establishments. There are specific rules for taking bets. A bookmaker sets the odds depending on the feasibility of a certain outcome of the game. Bookmakers’ income usually constitutes 2-10 per cent. The odds may be adjusted according to the choice of other bettors unless you make your own bet. Once you’ve placed a bet, the odds remain unchanged. A bookmaking office has nothing to do with sweepstakes. If you make the right bet – you win, if you are mistaken – a bookmaker is at an advantage. Bookmaking offices are numerous today, and one should learn their betting conditions before placing a bet with this or that sports betting office.
To attract more customers, bookmakers provide bonuses in some cases. This is a common practice with European sports betting offices, and Russian bookmakers succeed in adopting it. The bonus policy is aimed not just at providing quick income, but at establishing long-term customer relations. Bookmakers’ expenditures are covered later through attraction of new customers. This is the foreign practice.
In Russia, bookmaking became popular in the mid-90s. Before that, only sweepstakes existed. Today, to place a bet, you either need to visit a bookmaker’s office, or go to a relevant website. Online betting sites possess great advantages over offline bookmakers because they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All Russian may as well become customers of foreign sports betting offices. You make bets online, and receive your prizes with real money (via an ATM).


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