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Let’s play blackjack online!

Blackjack is undoubtedly one (and may be the first) of the most popular casino games today as practically everybody wants to play it (if he hasn’t tried yet) or has just played it (if he is a professional gambler).
777 offers a luxurious blackjack that will surprise everybody. If you are keen on gambling you will probably like it – But now, let’s learn about it some important facts.

Blackjack was created in France over 300 years ago and since then it has been the most popular game all over the world. A player can learn the basic rules of the game quickly and easily. The aim of the game is to pick up the card points close to 21 but not to exceed this number, otherwise you will lose. If your first two cards are ace and 10 (or a card with a picture) you have the combination called “blackjack”. Blackjack always beats the opponents combination equal to 21.

What are the meanings of cards? The cards with images are equal to 10, the cards from 2 to 10 are valued according to their nominal and the aces can be equal to 1 or 11. The game is played with 6 card decks and has some rules. Here are the most important of them:
- The dealer must take a card if having 17 (including the ace card);
- You can make up to three splits;
- When the aces are split the player receives only one additional card for each split and if this card is 10, it is not considered as blackjack;
- The after split bets double is not permitted;
- The bets double is available at first two cards;
- The of surrender refusal is absent.

The game involves a dealer and up to three players. Before the dealing, the players place their bets and once the game is continued the bets can not be changed.

Poker three is one of the most basic poker-based casino game. Poker three is a combination of two games where players have the option to place their bets on one or both of the games. The two games are the “pair plus” and the “ante and play”. In the pair plus casino game, the player places a bet with the card dealt to him and wins according to it. In the ante and play game, players are against the house. The player wins if he beats the dealer.

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